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Book a Top Hat Tour to Lake Powell.

Topur to Lake Powell start at $450 for a 6 hour tour with 4 stops. Our first stop is at Antelope Canyon. This is truley a sight to behold. Especially around noon when the sun hits the rocks just right. This stop is 30 minutes. The second stop is right down the road at Antelope point marina. This is a great place to grab a bite to eat and check out the toys on Lake Powell. This stop is 30 minutes. The third stop on the tour is at Glen Canyon Dam. This is the dam that contols the water flow for Lake Powell and some of the Grand Canyon. Or if the kids are not into that, no problem there is a familly beach right around the corner. This stop is 30 minutes. The final stop on the tour is at the world famous Horshoe Bend. You have seen it in pictures. Now is your chance to see it in person. The parking lot is .5 miles from the viewpoint so be ready for a small hike. No hills we promise. This is were this big and little Colorado rivers meet to make the Grand Canyon. This stop is 30 minutes. All trips are round trip from Flagstaff. To book now please clicl the link below.